Friday, October 4, 2013

This one's for you, Molly!

My niece, Molly has expressed an interest in some of the family photos posted here, and she and I were chatting about those early pictures of Mom. They are wonderful and so expressive of Mom's personality and we both love them and her:) So this post is for you, Molly! And anyone else who cares.

This is Mom's mother, Emma Susan (Whetstone) Williams (1897 - 1956). Molly, she's your great grandmother. A very, very sweet woman.
Here's Emma with little Virginia. Love this picture!

That's Mom as a baby with her parents, Emma and Cambria "Camey" Williams (1897 - 1960).
I remember him as a big bear of a man whose arms would embrace me in a bear hug.

This is a cropped view of the above picture showing Mom and her mother and father better.

Look how cute she is!! Sitting out in a field.
This might have been taken at Mom's grand parent's home, the Whetstones, that's Joseph H. Whetstone (1858 - 1939) and Catherine Elizabeth "Kate" (House) Whetstone (1865 - 1947). Mom can show you where their "farm" used to be.
Mom with her "terrorist" uncles. Just look at them and you know that they're up to no good!

That's Mom on the right with her sister, Dorothy "Dot" (Williams) Conrad (1920 - 2007).

Mom and an unknown dog. We love animals, don't we?

This is Mom's all-time favorite picture of herself, with a kitten. For a very long time she "accused" me of having this photo, then one day I found it in one of her albums! Seriously, I kept telling her I didn't have it;)

Looks like this was taken on the same day as the photo of Mom with her uncles.
This one might have been taken on the same day too because Mom has that wonderful hair bow! There the grandkids are with their Whetstone grandparents.
Mom in the church choir, First row third from left. Her sister, Dot, is on the end and Mom's good friend Mary is between them.
Mom's high school photo, senior year. Ask her about her hair! Think she's still upset about it:)
Mom, on the left, with her mother Emma, her sister Dot, and her brother Camey, Cambria Williams Jr.

Hey Molly, you'll love this one: Mom on her 21st birthday! And you were there for her 95th!

Mom about 1945-ish, Easter Sunday, and sporting an impressive hat. Taken by Dad at the Castleman Bridge. Look at those legs!

Mom and Dad out with friends.
Mom fixes my hat on Easter Sunday, about 1950.

 We leave Frostburg Maryland for Cleveland Ohio. 1952.

Mom in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, after 1952. She's not too happy to be there.

That's my brother there so this is about 1955 or 56.

Mom and Dad in Ireland about 1986.
Mom in Wales.

So Molly, I have a ton more but this will do for now:) Here's a hug (   ).

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