Thursday, October 3, 2013

The start of WWII for the Kelly family, in photos

I often look at this set of photos taken of my Kelly ancestors in 1942 and wonder what they were thinking and feeling. It was the start of America's involvement in WWII which everyone could pretty much see coming and dreaded, from what Mom has told me.
Of the three Kelly brothers which included Dad (Francis Patrick Kelly, 1916 - 2007), Uncle Bernie (Bernard Michael Kelly, 1918 - 2007) and Uncle Delbert (John Delbert Kelly, 1920 - 2013), two went to war. Not that Dad didn't try to enlist with the rest of the brothers because he did, and you can read about that here , here and especially here to find out why he had to stay home.

I look at this set of family photos and wonder if similar scenes were playing themselves out across the country. Sure they were: gather all together for photos to remember you by. Brave faces, men in uniform, women worried. I knew these people, and they were worried and trying not to show it. I bet Grandma Kelly cried then. Sure she did. What mother didn't, what mother wouldn't?
I think these in the first grouping were taken in the back yard of the Kelly home place on West Main Street, Frostburg, Allegany, Maryland, and are all from the same morning, but I'm not 100% sure. Just wanted you to know:)
The Back Yard Pictures:

Mom is in front with some kid that's not me on her lap. Grandma Kelly is second from left and none too happy.

Left to right, Uncle Delbert, Dad, and Uncle Bernie.

Uncle Delbert.
Mom and Uncle Delbert.
Dad on the left.

The ladies.

Grandma and Grandpa Kelly,
John Lee Kelly 1892 - 1969 and Helen Zeller Kelly 1894-1985.

Mom and Dad.
At Camp:
Uncle Bernie and Mom at Fort Bragg

Uncle Delbert

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