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Surname Saturday: The James Family From Wales

Here's the next post in the series, Surname Saturday, the blogging prompt from GeneaBloggers. We're into the 5th generation and my 2nd great grandmothers. This is fun, and it's perfect cousin bait;) Plus, I get to see the dead ends and holes in research and logic, then make research notes about both. I'll get there, eventually!

1. Diane Kelly Weintraub

2. Francis Patrick Kelly (1916 - 2007)
3. Virginia Williams, living and loving it!

6. Cambria Williams (1897 - 1960)
7. Emma Susan Whetstone (1897 - 1956)

12. Daniel Williams (1852 - 1920)
13. Jane Price (1862 - 1939)

24. Thomas Williams (about 1815 - 1868?)
25. Jane James (20 July 1815 - ????)
Both Thomas and Jane were born in Strata Florida, Cardigsnshire, Wales. Thomas was a collier or coal miner as were a number of his sons. It is presumed that Thomas died about 1868, possibly in Lampiter, Cardiganshire, Wales. The death record is inconclusive as to confirming identity.
Jane is found in the 1870 Wales Census in Llangattock, Breckenshire, Wales. Interestingly, she's living next to a woman, a widow, by the name of Dianah James, a green grocer.
We have that mystery photo of Jane James Williams with her adult children taken by a photographer in Troy, New York... however, neither Mom nor Aunt Betty or silly me have been able to find a lick of a track of them in New York state! That's our brick wall.
They had 7 children:
Elizabeth Williams (24 Oct 1841 - ????)
David Williams (22 May 1844 - ????)
Jane Williams (4 Oct 1846 - ????)
Thomas Williams (25 Mar 1851- ????)
Daniel Williams (1852 - 1920)
John Williams (Nov 1853 - ????)
William Williams (23 Jan 1865 - ????)

50. Daniel James (30 Dec 1792 - 14 Aug 1881)
51. Elizabeth Williams (1788 - Mar 1877)
This couple were both born in Cardiganshire, Wales, he in Strata Florida. We don't know specifically where she was born but they were married on 25 Nov 1814 in Strata Florida, Cardiganshire, Wales at the Strata Florida Chapel. Specifically, Daniel died in Allt Du, Parish of Caron Uwch Clawdd, Cardiganshire, Wales. Mom went to Wales and tracked down some of this information but she didn't have near enough time. She even had a nice volunteer researcher meet her at the National Archive but the flight left the next day! Guess I'll have to go some day:)
They had the following children:
25. Jane James (20 July 1815 - ????)
Elizabeth James (2 Nov 1819 - ????)
Ann James (25 Sept 1820 - ????)
David James (10 Mar 1821 - ????)
Daniel James (19 Oct 1827 - ????)
Mary James (2 Dec 1832 - ????)

100. John James (dates unknown)
101. Margaret LNU (born about 1761 - ????)
Sorry, don't know Margaret's last name so using the convention of LNU, or Last Name Unknown.  Because Daniel James was born in Strata Florida, Cardiganshire, Wales, it can be assumed that they lived there at one point, and that will be my starting point for future research.
They had at least one child:
50. Daniel James (30 Dec 1792 - 14 Aug 1881)

Well, that runs out unceremoniously, doesn't it? Too bad for Mom and me.

Information leading to the location of Jane James Williams from Wales!

Here she is in a photo taken in Troy NY, date unknown, with all of her children except one.

And here's a close-up.
Born 20 July 1815.
I dunno, maybe if I try this as a Wanted poster, I might get somewhere locating her in the States...? Should a reward be offered??

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