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Treasure Chest Thursday: Frostburg in the Movies 1938, Reel 2

Here's the posted for Reel 1 of "Frostburg in the Movies" and it still works as an introduction to Reel 2:
See the previous post a couple of weeks ago here for more screen shots from the first reel.

Mom got a DVD form Aunt Betty containing a movie in four reels about Frostburg, Maryland filmed in 1938 and she sent it on to me. Don't know where Aunt Betty got it, but I suspect her wonderful friend Shirley was the source. Shirley is related too but I can't quite think how at the moment.

In Frostburg, if two people both go back a couple of generations, there's a more than 50-50 chance that you're probably related. After a while, when you sit at the Princess Restaurant on Main Street, and you see a face, you just know if you are related or not. Really!

So here are some screen shots from the 1938 film. Unfortunately I can't find anything about how this film company, why the film was made, or for what purpose. The title page would lead one to thing that this was part of a larger series about various small towns. The only reference I see in the Google search is for an excerpt on
Project Muse about itinerant film productions which gives this:

Amateur Services Production: See Yourself and Your Town in the Movies Series (ca. 1930–1950)

And now, Ladies and gentlemen, for your amusement and entertainment, Reel 2!
Ttile page

The good old five and dime!

The Great Depression was coming to an end and the stores were full
and people were buying again.

Miner's Hospital., the place the community went when it was ill or injured.

The absolute center of all the action, as well as the traffic cop: Main Street.

Moms, dads, and kids feature prominently in these movies.

A couple having fun.

Shop keepers. Everyone knew them.

There is still an African-American community in Frostburg
as there has been for well more than 150 years.

Kids at a dance school.

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