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Surname Saturday: The Workman Family

Off we go on another Surname Saturday, a dandy blogging prompt from GeneaBloggers! This week we're looking back to follow the Workman family to when they spelled their name in the Dutch way, Woeterman. We'll see another of my four Revolutionary War ancestors and follow along as this line makes its way to Western Maryland and to Military lots, and plops down comfortably on the Workman Farm, as well as near and in the town of Frostburg, just as all my other ancestors did. So here we go!

1. Diane Kelly Weintraub

2. Francis Patrick " Pat" Kelly
(1916 - 2007)
3. Virginia Williams, living and loving it

4. John Lee "Lee" Kelly (1892 - 1969)
5. Helen Gertrude Zeller Kelly ( 1894 - 1985)

10. Gustav William "Gus" Zeller (1858 - 1927)
11. Moretta Workman Zeller (1859 - 1946)

22. Elijah Workman 1816 - 1864
23. Nancy Ann Troutman 1826 - 1882
Elijah was born and died in Zihlman, Allegany County, MD, which is really hard to find on the map. The Workman Farm, mentioned below, is located near here. Zihlman is located near Mt. Savage and Frostburg, Maryland. You can just about see Zihlman from where Mom now lives, especially when the leaves are off the trees.
Nancy Ann Troutman was born in Wellersburg, Somerset County, PA.
Here are their children:
Amanda Workman 1848 - 1865
Caspar Workman 1849 - 1949. He married Margaret Holtzman Merrill. They both died in Frostburg.
Benjamin Workman 1851 - 1869
John Franklin Workman 1857 - 1930. He married Mary Anne Mealing. They both died in Frostburg.
11. Moretta Workman Zeller 1859 - 1946
Mary Ann Workman 1861 - 1939. She married Peter Pressman. They both died in Frostburg.
Joseph Workman 1863 - 1894. He died in Frostburg.

44. John Workman 1779 - 1859
45. Amelia Combs about 1789 - ????
John was also born in Zihlman but died just up the hill in Frostburg. Presumable, Amelia Combs was born close by Zihlman and also died in Frostburg, but proof remains elusive. Very recently - like yesterday - a Combs family history has come into my possession, so this might get updated real soon:)
John was a farmer and in the 1840 US Census owned one slave. This was the first record of him owning slaves.
They had these children:
Rebecca Workman 1809 - before 1908. She married Solomon Hansel. They both died in Frostburg.
Kate Workman 1810 - ????. She married Noah Trimble from Wellersburg PA.
Joseph Workman 1812 - 1879. He married Louisa Knabenshue from Keyser, Mineral County, WVa.
Isaac Workman 1814 - 1897
22. Elijah Workman 1816 - 1864
Margaret Workman 1819 - 1908. She married James P. Hannah and then Harry Stevens.
John L. Workman 1821 - 11873. He married Druzilla Workman.
Stephen Workman 1823 - ????.
Cuthbert Workman 1825 - 1882. He married Nancy Conkle. He died in Danville, Knox, County, OH.
Nimrod Workman 1828 - 1870.
William Combs Workman 1831 - 1894. He married Clara Sophia Winebrenner and then Rebecca Sheffiff.

88. Isaac Workman (Jr.) 1742 - 1827
First wife unknown, mother of John, above
Second wife, Lydia Merrill 1743 - ????
Isaac was born in Somerset County, NJ and after his second wife, Lydia Merrill died, and he moved to Danville, Knox County, OH to be with his sons and daughter. He died there.
It is generally believed that it is this Isaac Workman who on 28 Aug 1776, joined the Revolutionary War in the state of Maryland, Washington County, serving under Andrew Bruce and also from Washington County. Much needs to be done by me to investigate his service further.
And notice how many started moving to Knox County, Ohio! Need to investigate what was so enticing to attract them. They settled well there and there's even a Workman Cemetery, screen shot below.
These are their known children:
Stephen Workman 1767 - 1865. Born in Zihlman and died in Union Township, Knox County, OH. He married Jane Graham who was born in Ireland.
William Workman 1769 - ????
Rebecca Workman 1773 - 1835. Born in Zihlman and died in Union Township, Knox County, OH. Married Solomon Robinson.
44. John Workman 1779 - 1859
Lydia Workman 1782 - ????
Joseph C. Workman 1782 - 1852. He was born in Frostburg and died in Danville, Knox County, OH. He married Sarah Conner.

Screen Shot of FindAGrave for the Workman Cemetery in Danville, Knox County, Ohio.

176. Isaac Workman (Sr.) 1710 - 1827
177. Femmentie (Pheobe) Rangel 1712 - ????
Isaac (Sr.) was born in Brooklyn. The couple both moved together to Somerville, Somerset County, New Jersey. Isaac also might have served in the Revolutionary War because when Military Lots were apportioned he was given title to Lot # 3656. Later he transferred title to his son, Isaac (Jr.).
Their children were:
88. Isaac Workman (Jr.) 1742 - 1827
Fannie Workman ???? - ????
Sarah Workman 1734 - ????
Rebecca Workman ???? - ????

Click to enlarge and see the Military Lot Map for Allegany County, Maryland and find the Workman Lot #3536.
352. Peter Derick Woerterman christened 1688 - ????
Married: Unknown. ???? - sometime between 1727 to 1735.
It is thought that Peter was born in Brooklyn, as was his wife. It is believed that Peter's wife died before he moved to Allegany County, MD.
Their children, known, are:
176. Isaac Workman (Sr.) 1710 - 1827
Cornelius Workman (Woeterman) 1715 - ????. Most likely candidate for the the one who started the Workman Farm in Allegany County, MD.
Peter Workman 1720 - ????. Probably born in New Jersey.
Margaret Workman 1720 - ????. Also probably born in New Jersey.

705. Richard John (Dirk Jan) Woeterman about 1630 - after 1694
706. Marrietje Teunis Denyse ???? - before 1647
Richard was born in Holland and immigrated to America in 1647, unmarried at that time. The date is figured because in 1687 he took the oath of allegiance at Brooklyn stating he had been there for 40 years. On 10 April 1661 he and his wife Marrietje Teunis Denyse were admitted to the Brooklyn Dutch Church. At that time he owned property in Brooklyn and operated the Brooklyn Ferry. He was made town officer in 1673.
Their 17 children were:
Haramita Woeterman, Femmetje Woeterman, Jan Derick Woterman, Geertruy Woeterman, Teunis Derick Woeterman, Paulis Woeterman, Catrherine Woeterman, Dennis Woeterman, Lysbeth Woeterman, Annetje Woeterman, Marretje Woeterman, 352. Peter Derick Woerterman christened 1688 - ????, and Lorewyck Derick Woeterman.

1408. John William Workman (Jans William Woeterman) 1598 - before 1637
1409. Hanna (Harmetie) ???? - after 1685
It is generally believed that John William Workman came from England to Holland because of religious persecution at the time of the Putitan upheavals. In Holland he blended in to life and culture taking the Dutch version of his name: Jans William Woeterman.
They had these children and possibly more:
Elizabeth Jans Woeterman born by about 1630 - ????. She married Pieter Jansen Noorman, born in Norway. Pieter and Elizabeth were some of the first settlers of Bushwick and owned 130 acres there along the East River in what is now Brooklyn. When Pieter died she married Joost Jansen Cocquit.
705. Richard John (Dirk Jan) Woeterman about 1630 - after 1694
Annatje ????- ????

The line back beyond this point is unclear. Looking to my main resource for the Workman family, Workman Family History, by Thelma Chidister Workman, (Salt Lake City, Utah : Publishers Press, 1962) as well as the resources for the above line from Isaac Workman (Jr.) back, there is every indication that John William or his father came to Holland because of religious persecution. This theory has been part of the US Workman family lore, and is still spoken of even today. The natural conclusion, thought not proven in documentation as of my knowledge, is that they came from the Workman family in Gloucester, England.

WOW! This is a long one. Thanks for looking:)

Moretta Workman Zeller 1859 - 1964 my GGM.

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  1. My granfather was dirck jans woertman from the Netherlands but one of his grandson my granfather married a native american women from the tribe they hid it to avoid any conflict of death they claimed black Dutch.