Tuesday, September 4, 2012


I think that FamilySearch.org can be a terrific resource for me... but can't seem to find my way into it. OK, so maybe it's just me. I go there and look at the simple looking splash page and say to myself, D'uh... what do I do next? Yeah, it's me.

I need a good tutorial. No doubt about it. What I'm looking for is the definitive guide to getting started with FamilySearch. Something even I can understand.

I think the problem started back when I first used it, and liked it. Then stuff started to change there and people were talking about the new FamilySearch, as I remember it. Once when I was at the local Family Research Center being helped by a British Isles specialist, she made it look super easy. Then just when I thought I might have the hang of it, it changed... I think. Or maybe I didn't remember it well enough.

Whatever the issue, my memory or changes to the site, time is long past for me to pony up to the bar and find out how it works from the ground floor up ... and more specifically, how it can work for me, now.

Not that I'm a complete dunce about it. Really, I did find my way to some lovely Wales Census returns just a couple of days ago.

I guess what totally freaked me out was when I ordered two microfilms, paid, then couldn't get back to the order page. Maybe I freak out easily;)

If you have any suggestions I'd love to hear them. It's a big internet out there:)

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Joseph Edward Whetstone (1816 - 1897)
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