Monday, May 14, 2012


I'm supremely frustrated! Here's the deal. The Eckhart story of the family being swindled out of land that came down through the generations and finally into my family would, it seems, be born out and proven by an article in the New York Evening Post newspaper of 22 OCT 1860. I've found the digitized images of that very issue on Old Fulton Post Card Company's web site. Downloaded it to my computer and viewed it in PhotoShop. BUT... I can't see it clearly enough to read it. There it is, I have my hands on it but I can't read it!!

H. Andrew Brown who wrote the book, "George Adam Eckhart and Philip Hansel of Allegany County, Maryland" says that he tried to find this article but could not. The original exists or existed somewhere, but where? And can a better copy be had at some location or other?

Or is it the way I'm looking at the image? Is PhotoShop the best way to read an old digitized newspaper image? I don't know.

If you have any thoughts on how I might proceed I'd really be happy to learn what to do next!

Photo of the day from my Archive:

My brother being held by Grandparents,
Helen Zeller Kelly and John Lee Kelly
of the Eckhart clan.

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