Monday, May 7, 2012

Another Drinking Man Story

Actually, this is a drunken story about an ancestor who didn't drink much at all. And Mom might "spank me" for telling it, but I'm willing to bet not because it's about someone who was good and true and we both loved very much, my Grandpop Williams.

Grandpop Williams was a real sportsman in the old sense of being a wonderful hunter and fisherman and his family ate all that he caught or bagged. I can clearly remember him making his own flies for fly fishing and they were beautiful and treasured. When he passed, the only thing my Dad wanted of his was a small case of his hand-tied flies. I too found them fascinating. Some of my favorite photos of him were with his catch or kill.

He only drank when he was out hunting or fishing and just to keep warm. Seriously, he was not a Drinking Man, and believe me we know who our drinking men were and have plenty of stories about them, most already blogged about here! (If you want to read the other Drinking Man stories, just type in "drinking man" in the search box to the right.)

Mom only remembers her father being "in his cups" one time. He came home from a particularly cold day hunting, smashed. Now there are a wide variety of drunks from surly and mean to jolly and happy, and he, as it turned out, was of the jolly variety.

"Children," Grandma Williams said to the three little ones and furious at his showing up in this state, "Just look at your father! He's drunk!" She was really mad!

"Yes," the Jolly Drunken Father replied with an enormous grin, "Yes children, just look at your father!" he retorted with an enormous grin. Insert rollicking laughter here;) And off he went to bed to sleep it off.

Mom remembers this story and can see her Dad in her mind's eye as clear as if it was yesterday. Her father's big grin was a treat! What fun, especially because it was the only time she ever saw him drunk.

Photos of the day from the archive:

Grandpa Cambria Williams (Mom's Dad), 1897 - 1960.
Top: with big bass.
Bottom: seated with his kill, rabbits maybe.

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