Wednesday, April 18, 2012

When In Doubt, Make A Timeline

Have been enjoying the facebook group for the descendants of George Adam Eckhart, a LOT! It's fun to see what cousins, however close or distant, know and remember.

We all got started talking about the Eckhart land and the mining that eventually got done on it. (See posts below, if you feel like it:) Someone said, we need a timeline and I agreed. Then it came up again. I was thinking of doing one anyway. The history of the Eckharts and their land is complicated so a timeline would be helpful. So I started a new page here in hopes that a cousin or two will chime in.

It's messy, at least for me, to build a timeline: items get added willy-nilly with no apparent order. Guess the nature of it is that order comes later and out the accumulation of items listed. It's only then that you get a sense of the flow of events that form a life or a generation.

The timeline for Nehimiah Newans took forever! But it was very worth it. I had it just about resolved before I put it on the blog. But this time I think I'll just jump on in and build the Eckhart timeline out here... mess and all;)

Photo of the day from Cousin Rich via the Eckhart descendants facebook page:

Thanks Cousin Rich!!

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