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New Version of Turth or Dare: Document That Folklore!

See that tab up top? The one that says, "Ancestral History of Thomas F. Myers"? Right, that's it. Take a look. It's a privately published book by one of my uncles, sister to my 4th great grandmother Mary Myers, produced about 1900. There's a lot of names, dates, and place in it and Mom and I have found it to be surprisingly accurate. There is one glaring error but Thomas F. Myers had no way of know that his Revolutionary War hero and great grandfather, Nehemiah Newans, did not die at the Battle of Yorktown but lived a long and happy life... elsewhere, and without his wife and son. But otherwise he was a dandy scholar of the history of our family.

So, just the other afternoon, I got to thinking that maybe there were details in that little book I'd overlooked or dismissed as folklore. Maybe I should go back and catalog the myriad details on those pages of his about the ancestors in my direct line. Make a list or a chart or something and see what could be seen. There's a lot there and with time - a lot of it - and a research log to track where I went, maybe more could be found. And that's what I've been doing, and  have to say, this is going to take a LOT of time!!

So here it is. The chart that will hopefully show truth through documentation, if I can find that documentation. The right hand column is where I'll track findings so it's practically empty now.

Hey, and let me know if you have any missing pieces or can elaborate on any events, dates or places. Thanks!!

"Ancestral History of Thomas F. Myers" Fact Check

Miss Kepplinger
Family came from Holland. Religious persecution.
During war, drove cart that seemed to have butter and eggs but had had sacks of powder, through lines. Was searched but told to pass.
Miss Kepplinger’s Mother
Given Cory Kepplinger
Sister to Col. Corry.
Made sheep skin shoes for soldiers.
Her maiden name was Cory. This is the correct spelling as per Wikipedia.
Col. Corry / Cory
French & Indian and Rev. fame.
Town of Corry PA was named for him.
Town is Corry but founders name was Cory. Wiki.
Mrs. Macelvaine
Sister to Miss Kepplinger’s mother
Her maiden name was Cory too.
Mr. Koontz
Miss Kepplinger’s uncle.
Owner Colonial Hotel of York PA.
Continental Congress was held here after run out of Philadelphia.
Mr. Kepplinger
Ground all wheat for soldiers at Valley Forge.
Had a salt works on the Patapsco river where Baltimore now stands.
The company was known as Beason, Kepplinger & Magoun.
They conveyed salt to Beasontown, now Uniontown.
Uniontown was Beesontown, Founded by Henry Beeson, 1776. Wiki.
Father, Mother, and servants
Attended to and fed soldiers in their barn.
Thomas Newan
War of 1812
Maryland Volunteers
Capt. Steiners Company
Col. Stoners Regiment
Mary Knough
Wife of Thomas Newins
Mary Knough’s sister. Same mother but different fathers.
Married Matthew Bartgis
Matthew Bartgis
Mayor of Frederick for years
after Lt. Gov. of MD.
1st man to carry mail from Frederick to Winchester and from Winchester to Georgetown.
1750, organized the mail service in America.
First to print a nsp at Winchester VA and Frederick MD/
James Bartgis
Son of Matthew and Peggy
Mayor of Frederick
Hiram Bartgis
Son of Matthew and Peggy
Sheriff of Frederick
Peggy Bartgiss Father
Mr. Datsbaugh
Member of the House of Burgess
Carried an effigy of King George through the streets of Frederick & burned it in 1763.
Indian Fighter
Peter Myers
Helped build Ft Frederick in 1756.
Served in Rev. War:
Battle of Brandywine
Wounded at Battle of Monmouth
Mary Hughes
Wife of Peter Myers.
They had 5 children:
Jacob, served in 1812
Most trees show Hibbs.
Jacob Myers
Born in Tanneytown MD 1789
Died Cumberland 7 Feb 1852
Served in 1812
Sheriff of Frederick County.
Stage agent for Sto?? ??tokes stage line from Frederick to Morgantown.
Afterward transferred to Cumberland.

Mary Myers Eckhart 1837-1909

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