Friday, January 30, 2015

I'm "stealing" this. But I just have to share it!!

I get Randy Seaver's excellent blog Genea-Musings by subscription in my morning email. The other day he posted about a hilarious cartoon that comes out three times a week all about genealogy. It's called Geneapalooza and is by genius guy, Esto Frigus. Check it out here.

So here's the thing. There's no link offered or info on how to contact Esto Frigus so I can't contact him to get his permission to share one of his cartoons, so I'm just going ahead and violating copyright and "stealing" it. Actually, I kinda doubt that Esto would pursue this "crime" through legal channels because I'm only saying very flattering stuff about him and his work:) It's super funny... if you're an avid genealogist! If you're the spouse, family or partner of an avid genealogist then maybe you'll not see it as quite so hilarious. Here's an example.
See more from Geneapalooza at

Thank you Esto, wherever you are!!  

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