Sunday, July 6, 2014

Random Photo Saturday: Cousins and the uncle as boys

Last week I decided to start sharing some of the less used photos from Mom's collection that don't seem to fit into other posts but are interesting none the less. So this week I'm sharing two from the Conrads. Mom's sister married her childhood sweethearts and they had two boys, Butch and Steve.

To me, Uncle Harold was a quiet guy who raised hunting dogs and had a beautiful veggie garden in the yard. It's funny how we don't think of our childhood aunts and uncles as ever being children themselves, but this photo changed that. "Hey, Mom, who's this little guy," I asked. "That's Uncle Harold," she replied. Really?! Here's the picture of him, and tell me if this doesn't look like a little boy who plays indoors and not a man who is pretty much an outdoorsman.

Now here is Uncle Harold during WWII, in his captains uniform on the USS Anderson in the Indian Ocean. Quite a difference, huh?

So Aunt Dot and Uncle Harold married during the war but before he shipped out when she gave him an ultimatum;) Two children followed, both boys. Butch was born in 1944 and Steve came along in 1946. Butch was just too old for me to play with so I wasn't very close to him. But Steve and I were best buddies growing up. Here's a favorite picture of the boys in their little league uniforms.

You know, when I look at this picture of Butch and Steve I can see in their little faces the adult men they have become. But I can't do that with their father, Uncle Harold. Wonder why that is?

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