Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Cousin Joseph's Good Genealogy Deed

That screen shot just above was my introduction to Cousin Joseph. Mom and he took the AncestryDNA test and he came up as a match with high confidence... and he had a big juicy tree that is public! You can read a previous post about our search for Farrell descendants and their chromosomes here in which Cousin Joseph is mentioned. We've been in touch, emailing and messaging back and forth. He has been very helpful and eventually lead Cousin Rich and I to an old church register that might unlock a lot of doors, if we can get to it. But that's another story for a later time.
So that's how I met Cousin Joseph. He is the proud owner and proprietor of Barn Dog Antiques and Country Treasures at 876 Main Street in Milton West Virginia. Here's a link to Barn Dog's Facebook page. He obviously has an eye for style and old stuff! The photos make ya' want to stop on by and take a look.

When I checked Joseph's personal Facebook page this morning I read this lovely and heart-warming story.

What a surprise we got today. Interesting, back in March we purchased this awesome signed coverlet from 1847 which originated from Lucas County Ohio. Purchased this coverlet from a lady on EBay who bought it in Iowa. Received a message from the seller of this coverlet stating a guy had been researching his 3rd great grandfather and googled the name and this eBay transaction came up from back in March. Just so happens this coverlet was made by his 3rd great grandfather and that he was a professional weaver in Lucas County, Ohio. The lady forwards me his info and I contacted the gentleman in Michigan and the guy has all his documentation and this coverlet was definitely made by his 3rd great grandfather, Joseph Rochte of Lucas County Ohio. He had no idea what a coverlet was until this came up. I am sending this coverlet back to it's family and the guy is extremely excited to get it.  Just a great story.

Now isn't that a genealogy good deed? Don't you just love stories like this? I sure do. Warms my genealogy heart:)

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