Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sad sushi

It's almost a cliché: older woman falls and fractures hip. But it just happened to me.

We were in Palm Springs for a short get-away staying in one of those cute boutique hotels. Got some take-out sushi for an afternoon snack back in the room with the kiva fireplace in the corner, and playing a game of "you've got to taste this." He had his sushi and I had mine when I said oh, you've got to taste this, and jumped up to give the sushi to him. Long story short, somehow the chord of the light on the bedside table got around my ankle, sushi flew in the air - in slow motion I might add with about a thousand grains of rice lofting high - and I landed hard on the saltillo paver tile floor with my left hip taking the worst of it.

Thought it was just bruises and bumps but after almost a week and the pain getting worse, off to the doctor. X-ray shows a fracture in my hip. Surgery next week.

Talk amongst yourselves.

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