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Surname Saturday: Rebecca Frost and her Famed Family of Frostburg, Maryland

Here it is Saturday once more and time for my all-time fav blogging blogging prompt from GeneaBloggers called Surname Saturday. It's at the top of my fav list because I get to look at the chart and report and closely examine a particular line, taking much needed time to think about what I'm looking at. It's nice.

This week is sort of connected to last week's post about Mary Ann (?) Eckhart who was mother of John Eckhart. John married Delilah Porter, and now we're talking about her mother's family. Maybe a chart will help, this one as a cropped screen shot from Mom's tree on Find it on Ancestry here.


Delilah's mother was Rebecca Frost. Maybe. Well, most likely. After a big review of the main research tool covering the Porters of Allegany County, Maryland, Mom and I came to the exact same conclusion about Delilah's parentage. She is not listed as a child in any of the usual sources so it all came down to conjecture. You can read about our search for here. And then a Surname Saturday post about the Porters here. So I'll not be re-making my case for Gabriel McKenzie Porter and Rebecca Frost being her parents at this time. Instead, let's just enjoy the time and place and follow the people.

1. Diane Kelly Weintraub

2. Francis Patrick " Pat" Kelly
1916 - 2007
3. Virginia Williams, that's Mom, living and loving it!

4. John Lee "Lee" Kelly 1892 - 1969
5. Helen Gertrude Zeller Kelly 1894 - 1985
8. Francis Patrick Kelly 1854 - 1923
9. Christiana Eckhart 1861 - 1932

18. John Eckhart 1831 - 1917
19. Mary Myers Eckhart 1837 - 1909
John Eckhart was born 5 Nov 1831 in Eckhart, Allegany, Maryland and died 5 Mar 1917 in the same place. He married Mary Myers on 22 Apr 1859 in Allegany County, Maryland.
Mary Myers was born 20 Mar 1837 in Frederick County, Maryland and died 30 Oct 1909 in Eckhart, Allegany, Maryland.
They had the following children:
9. Christiana Eckhart 1861 - 1932
Maggie L. Eckhart 1864 - ????. She married William Rechter.
Rachael Eckhart 1865 - 1940, who married Thomas W. Gracie, and then at his passing in 1909 in a horrible mining accident, she married Robert Strathan.
John Thomas Eckhart 1867 -1917. He married Rachael Pengilly.
Mary Catherine Eckhart 1868 - ????.

36. Jacob Eckhart 1801 - 1835/6
37. Delilah Porter 1812 - 1881
This couple were both born and died in Eckhart, Allegany, Maryland.
They had the following children:
18. John Eckhart 1831 - 1917, who married first Mary Myers, and when she died, married Rebecca O'Brien.
Rachael Eckhart 1829 - 1895. She married Basil Anderson

OK, so at this point we begin the conjecture portion of our journey. No proof, no numbers. But I'll continue on and sketch it out for you.

Gabriel McKenzie Porter 1776 - 1842
Rebecca Frost 1774 - 1813
Gabriel's second wife was Sarah Jane Anderson (1771 - 1863). See there's another Anderson connection right there! It looks like she might have first been married to Samuel Porter, and I'm not sure which Samuel Porter that was but it looks like it was Gabriel's brother.
Gabriel was born in Carrollton, Baltimore, Maryland as were so many other Porters from this era. But then they moved to the western part of the state. Rebecca Frost comes from the family for whom Frostburg is named.
Gabriel and Rebecca had a bunch of kids however Delilah is not named as one of them. So let's skip naming them, shall we?

Josiah Frost 1745 - 1813
Elizabeth Parcell 1745 - 1813

Look, I have to tell you right here that it was just last fall that Mom and I started feeling comfortable with Gabriel McKenzie Porter and Rebecca Frost as parents of Delilah Porter. This Frost line is fascinating with Revolutionary War guys and town founders all over the place. But we're taking our time and not getting ahead of ourselves. Slow and steady. So let me leave it here. Sorry about that.

Long story short, if you live in Frostburg and say you descend from the Frosts, you better be sure. I'll stop now. Mom still lives in Frostburg;)

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