Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wisdom Wendesday: Just a couple of random thoughts, probably not worth mentioning

Well it's been a crazy week, what with losing our dearly loved old dog. A vet told us when we lost the last dog that the first 24 hours are the worst, and the next milestone is three days, and then at a week you are remembering the good more than the bad. That's been true for us. It probably true when we experience any loss: after time begins to heal, we remember the good stuff most.

But now at exactly a week, and because I feel like it and not because I'm on any schedule, I'm feeling the urge to write again. So let's do another GeneaBlogger's blogging prompt called Wisdom Wednesdays.

Mom is writing! Mom loves to read and always was a good reader. Anywhere she went she had a paperback book in her purse. She never minded waiting anywhere for anything at all because it gave her more time to read. It runs in our matrilineal line because her mother loved to read too and was always reading. That's three generations of avid readers right there.
But now instead of just telling me her stories she's writing them down. She's got quite a document going too and it's such fun to read as she writes it! Keep going, Mom!
I once worked for a guy who was a really good writer and that task was a big part of his job. He encouraged me to write but I demurred, believing that I was not a writer. He said that if you can think, you can write and that the more logical your mind is the easier it is to write. Sounded good to me so I gave writing a try. I think he was correct in that analysis, and have enjoyed writing ever since. I'm super glad that Mom enjoys writing too!

Internet connection. This is so wild and it was all news to me, but I mention it in case someone else needs the info. Did you know that if you have a wireless network in your home all sorts of things can interfere and make your signal weak? Did not know this, until this week. My desktop on the east side of the house has an internet connection from the wireless modem on the west side of the house. It's not that far, really, but when I checked for how good the connection was it always showed two or three bars out of five. Good enough to get me online but not warp speed.
But over the last couple of months internet service would disappear now and again. After trying the usual unplug and restart a bunch of times, I called Time-Warner about our cable internet service. Very long story short, our new heater and air-conditioning system was interfering with the wireless modem signal. Yeah, I know: what!?
Solution: signal repeater or booster. Super easy to install: plug it in a wall outlet between the modem and the desktop, and follow the step-by-step instructions you see on your computer monitor.
I kid you not, now I have five glorious bars!! Who knew that a heater/ AC could interfere with a wireless internet connection? Wireless phones, microwave ovens, and garage door openers will degrade your signal too.
Here's a link to a cached page from Microsoft with a pretty clear article on improving your wireless internet signal.
And here's a link to an article about making a signal extender with a can.  And click here to see how to make a parabolic dish antenna out of aluminum foil. I tried the aluminum foil project and did get a boost of one bar. It was at that point that I went and bought the wireless signal booster.

That's all for now:) Happy Wednesday!

Coal miners in Eckhart, Maryland at Eckhart Mines.
I'm told that the old Eckhart Mansion is there in the upper right hand corner.
(Thanks to one of the Eckhart cousins for this gem!)

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