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Surname Saturday: Ann, who married William Price, and that's all we know

I usually enjoy using one of my favorite blogging prompts from GeneaBloggers called Surname Saturday because I get to reacquaint myself with one part of the family tree and cover ground that's both familiar as well as unfamiliar. But this one and ones like it make me pensive and melancholy because my female ancestor, this great grandmother of mine, has no surname. Gotta say, I don't like it one bit.

We're back in the 3rd great grandmothers, having already covered the earlier grandmothers and a bunch of the grandfathers in previous posts. As the title states, we'll be looking at what's known about the wife of William Price, who also brings his own ball of yarn all tangled, when it comes to his pedigree. The man's heritage is not neat and tidy!

1. Diane Kelly Weintraub

2. Francis Patrick Kelly 1916 - 2007
3. Virginia Williams, living and loving it!

6. Cambria Williams 1897 - 1960
7. Emma Susan Whetstone 1897 - 1956

12. Daniel Williams 1852 - 1920
13. Jane Price 1862 - 1939

26. William Price 1829 - 1872
27. Diane Thomas about 1832 - 1871
William Jr. was born in Bedfordshire, England, why we do not know. He died in Aux Sable Township, Grundy County, Illinois. Our working theory is that they went west, possibly mining, and to be with family. He's listed in the 1841 English Census living with his mother, Ann who is a lace maker. In both the 1850 and 1870 US Census he is listed as a miner and then more specifically, a coal miner.
Williams' wife Diane was born in Wales. She died in Mount Savage, Allegany County, Maryland. Mom believes that she traveled back to where family was to have her last child and died in childbirth or shortly thereafter.
They had these children:
William Henry Price 1852 - 1910. William was born in Frostburg, Allegany, MD and died there. He married Julia Elizabeth Koegel.
Benjamin Price 1854 - 1906. He died in Streator IL.He married Hanna "Annie" ?.
Diane Price 1856 - ????. She married Charles Busch and they lived in Brooklyn, Kings, NY, and presumably died there.
13. Jane Price 1862 - 1939. She was born in Mount Savage, Allegany, Maryland and died just up the hill in Frostburg.
Ellen Nellie Price 1864 - ????. She married the musician Buford Alley, born in Indiana.
James H. Price 1856 - 1933. He married Elizabeth Hiller and died in Streator IL.
Mary Price 1869 - ????
Victoria Price 1871 - ????

52. William Price ???? - before 1860
53. Ann (Last Name Unknown) ???? - ????
William was born in Wales and died before 1860 in Annapolis, Maryland. We don't know a thing about Ann. Obviously we need to get going on this couple, and in particular, Ann!
Some preliminary work looks like Ann went to Illinois and that's why her son William went there and died there... but is it the same Ann Price, that's the question?
These are the children we've found so far:
26. William Price 1829 - 1872
John Price 1821 - ????

See what I mean? This line-up leaves me wanting more. It's not so very far back in the records that it won't be there, somewhere, some place. Perhaps the place to start is with the MSA, or Mayland State Archives. They have a nice selection of genealogy resources. So it's back to Maryland again for me!

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