Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Thoughtful Tuesday: Grandmother Williams

This week we'll continue to use a blogging theme I made up while attending a concert and then later browsing the photo file. The core of the concept is to use contrasting images of ancestors as they were when they were young with images of them in their maturity. I realized last week, as cool as this is to do, there are a limited number of ancestor subjects because there are a limited number of photos. Figured it could be done with the grand parents, and that will likely end the project. Too bad because this is fun.

This week it's Grandmother Williams... Emma. Sweet, delicate, warm. I see her in my mind's eye in the kitchen working attentively on a peach pie, or in the dining room crocheting near a window, or reading while resting on a day bed there, perhaps a magazine from the stack next to her, while listening to the radio playing in the background.

Here are three photos of her that I especially love. The first is of her as a young woman, and the last as the wife in an older couple, both members of the couple sporting white hair, and comfortable. The middle image is of her with my Mom - who will be 95 in July - as an infant. Right now as I type this, I'm feeling the passage of time as a heavy weight.

Young, dreamy, pretty, Emma Susan (Whetstone) Williams (1897 - 1956)
poses in a local photographer's studio.

A few years later and she's married Cambria "Camey" Williams (1897 - 1960),
and now with her baby, Virginia, poses for a candid photo.

Here they are as I remember them best. Older, easy to smile and laugh,
the rolling hills of Western Maryland in the background.

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