Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wisdom Wednesday: Stumbling into Stuff

WARNING: I was ill when I wrote all this nonsense over the last couple of days but it's getting posted anyway. The eye infection is pretty much gone now on Wednesday morning but you can see how it did its damage to my sunny attitude! The antibiotics are finally working and all is well once again under the Nut Tree. Isn't it funny how infection can shift thinking? Or is that just me?

I guess I better take up the GeneaBlogger's  blogging Prompt called Wisdom Wednesdays, and see if I've learned anything at all lately, which I'm feeling like I have not. Actually to be precise, I have learned a whole lot of little things but I'm not feeling great about the general thrust of my learning because it's random and besides I feel crummy.

Now that the Family History Writing Challenge is over, I've dropped the ball and haven't written a thing. It's sad, because I'm this close to finishing up the chapter I set out to write. The Challenge was terrific and I'd do it again in a NY minute. But maybe the reality of continuing has set in with the realization that I was "in training" for the month of February but now it's back to the everyday. I need to figure out how to incorporated writing projects into my daily schedule or devote one day a week to writing. My dedication to the project hasn't wavered. The structure provided by the project has disappeared and wants replacing.

Blocks due to eye infection. I am the very last person to admit it when I get feeling under the weather. I foster a state of denial far too long and try to carry on when I should be attending to health. On a trip to Palm Springs last week, had an allergy flare-up and my eye tissue must have gotten mixed up with my nose tissue, and well, it wasn't good. (Too much information? Sorry.) By the time we got home Thursday afternoon I knew that the next trip was going to be to the eye doctor probably on Friday. I didn't feel like writing or researching or anything. So I pretty much didn't.

I have not jumped on the webinar bandwagon as I had planned for the month of March. Too bad for me. I had promised to get busy with new learning experiences and was going to try out a couple of webinars because they sound like fun. Maybe next week will be better.

I feel like I'm stumbling around and not making much progress. My goals remain strong and post note surround my desktop monitor, but the body is weak, I guess. Yeah, it happens. Bummer. Think I better take a nap. My eye hurts... boo-hoo for me. Whine. Isn't this pathetic?? I really ought to delete this post but I won't because if you're not feeling too chipper yourself, just know that we are souls-a-sufferin' together. Pass the tissues.

Late breaking news: Feeling better, so please ignore all of the above, except I do need to get back in writing mode and jump on those webinars! And have just found out from other bloggers in the know that Legacy Family Tree Webinars is offering a really good deal of $49 for a year long open access membership pass!
Debbie Downer has left the building!

Photos from Aunt Betty's Archive:

Cambria is my grandfather and that's him as an infant!
Cambria Williams 1897 - 1960

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