Monday, October 15, 2012

"A Day in the Life of Frostburg"

There's a really lovely and insightful independent film made for the bicentennial of Frostburg, called "A Day In The Life of Frostburg." Frostburg is the Western Maryland town in which my ancestors resided, almost exclusively. It puzzles me as to why adventurous and brave ancestors picked up and moved from Wales, Ireland, England, and Germany to settle there... and stay there generation after generation!

Finally I think I found an encapsulation of that answer I arrived at a while back. This 30  minute film, all shot by residents of today's Frostburg, captures the spirit of the place and explores what exactly draws and keeps people engaged with it.

You might not want to watch all 30 minutes of it but if you have about 5 minutes check out the beginning of Part II. Betty VanNewkirk stats it well. Here's the link:

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