Saturday, June 2, 2012

Our Family Has Gone to the Dogs!

Looking through old family photos from Mom I noticed how many pets get into the picture! Lots. We lean, it would seem from the evidence, toward the canine species. That said one of my personal favorites is Mom with a kitten. There's a story about that (heck, there's a story about everything in our family.) Mom swore up and down that I had the kitten picture but I looked as hard as I could but couldn't find it. Last week when sorting through images I'd scanned from Mom's extensive photo collection I finally found it!! Seems like Mom's collection is so large it kinda got "lost".

So here's the substantiating evidence of our family's love of animals. Not shown here are Mom's current two cats as well as Brother's two cats and Sister's three dogs. Here at blog central, after all these years we're down to just one old dog:)

But first a story:) It was a dark and stormy night, a snow storm to be exact. Dad drove by an old run down house around a bend in the road and saw once more a lone dog tied to his tiny dog house. He'd noticed that the poor old chap wasn't doted upon or even fed well so his eyes turned the dog's way whenever Dad drove past, which was often.

On said dark and stormy night Dad was ready. He parked nearby and made his way with stealth over to the dog who bowed his head in submission. Out came the hedge clippers to sever the tie and the dog was free! Dad snatched him up, threw the filthy canine in the back of Dad's immaculately clean Cadillac and off up the country he drove. Long story short, Dad knew a guy who also loved dogs... and the rescued pooch and new owner lived happily ever after! True story.

Photos from the Archive:

Mom with dog.
Hey, the camera's over here;)

Mom with kitten.
See Mom I didn't have this picture! HA!

One of Mom's cousins with dog.

GrandPa Cambria Williams with dog.

The house built by Daniel Williams.
Blackie the dog is sitting on the fencepost.

Me with Soupbone, the neighbors dog.

GrandMa Hellen Zeller Kelly with her dogs, 1890s

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