Monday, November 21, 2011

Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday... it's the everybody holiday for those of us who live in the good ol' US of A. Not religious, not political. No downside. And who doesn't feel better after giving thanks?

Close to the top of my list is giving thanks for Mom getting me interested in this genealogy stuff! Took dyslexic me a couple of weeks to remember how to spell it. Why do I want to leave out that "a"?

Genealogy is so much fun it's had to imagine why someone wouldn't be interested in it. It's got history and geography in it. And it really tests your powers of reason and logic... as well as your patience;) Plus, there's always something else to learn. I can not ever imagine being bored by this!

And, it's brought far-flung relatives back in touch through our family newsletter. That's real nice too.

So this Thanksgiving Day I'll be giving thanks for genealogy. See you next week. Now where did I leave that turkey? Oh right, I made reservations instead;) HA!

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